🌼Spring Into Summer With Copilot

Updates from May 2024

And we are back… as promised we have a list of exciting new updates to our copilot.


  1. Integrations - now on WhatsApp, Slack, and also WEB!

  2. Chatbots on your Website - introducing our open source Web widget -

  3. Meta-Analytics and conversation graphs

And of course, support for GPT4o and Gemini 1.5 Pro.


Our much-requested web integration is now live! With this addition, we now have a wide range of integrations that will allow you to reach a wider audience. More integrations mean increased audience reach and access.

With this update, you can now integrate the AI copilot with:

Web widgets

Web widgets are now super easy! Thanks to @anish our newest full-stack engineer, all you need is a two-line code injection in any of your websites, and you have a ready to use to AI Copilot ready to use!

What makes our web widget incredible:

A quick configuration UI panel

This quick config UI panel contains all the essentials to get your copilot up and running! Once configured you can copy the embed code and add it to your company/organization website.

You can choose the mode you want - pop-up / inline / fullscreen

Two lines of code to embed on your existing website!

Copy the embed code from the Integrations page and paste it.

It’s just two lines of code.

<div id="gooey-embed"></div>
<script async defer onload="GooeyEmbed.mount()" src="https://gooey.ai/chat/the-gooeyai-bot-4rv/lib.js/"></script>

What to expect next?

  • Function calling - connect your copilot to any data source in real-time

  • Video Lipsync on Web Widget

  • Higher rate limits

  • Meta Seamless v2 - for speech recognition support for hundreds more languages.

  • Analytics graphs


Gooey's goal is to make the best of open-source and private AI accessible to everyone.

We can't wait to see what you'll build with these tools so hopefully, everyone on earth can benefit from the incredible innovation of this moment in time.


Gooey.AI Team

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